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Definition of

GNP per capita


GNP divided by population the GNP divided by the country's population so as to achieve a figure per person in the population

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  • Republic of Korea

    Whitaker's Almanack Country Profiles

    The country occupies the southern part of the mountainous Korean peninsula, with highlands and mountains accounting for around 70 per cent of the land area. Elevation extremes range from 1,950m (Halla-san) to 0m (Sea of Japan). The climate is temperate, although winters are very cold

  • Denmark

    QFINANCE Country Profiles

    GDP per capita: US$37,700 (2012 est.)

  • Latvia

    Whitaker's Almanack Country Profiles

    deficit and private-sector debt. The economy contracted by 20 per cent in 2008–9 and was slow to return to growth. The IMF, the World Bank and the EU provided aid in 2008–9 to avoid devaluation of the lat in return for a 40 per cent cut in public spending. The IMF programme was successfully concluded

  • Mauritius

    Whitaker's Almanack Country Profiles

    Since independence Mauritius has developed from an economy dependent on agriculture to one with prospering tourist, manufacturing (primarily of textiles and garments) and financial sectors. Although sugar remains an important commodity (sugar cane is grown on 90 per cent of cultivated land and produces 15 per cent of export earnings), both the sugar and textile industries are beginning to decline


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