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Definition of

global bond issue

Stockholding & Investments

bond issue allowing transfer of titles between markets an issue of a bond that incorporates a settlement mechanism allowing for the transfer of titles between markets

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    would increase, allowing the providers to offset some of their cost. Alternatively, if a lower proportion of the cohort survived, then the coupon would be reduced. The key questions of interest are how longevity bonds would work in practice, who could issue them, and how would they be priced.
    By David Blake, Tom Boardman, Andrew Cairns

  • Sukuk Issuance and Issues in Purchase Undertakings

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    -compliant. In the case of sukuk, consideration is given to the important commercial features (such as rate of periodic return, return at maturity, and financial covenants), together with key legal considerations (such as transaction risk disclosure, events of default, and representations and warranties). The market has tended to place sukuk in the same asset class as a conventional bond and has thus identified sukuk as debt capital market instruments
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    ” and then “exporting inflation.” But in terms of their remit, their focus remained firmly at home. They failed to realize how manufacturing prices were set globally; where the “low bond yield conundrum” came from; and why the surge in energy prices did not translate into higher domestic wage inflation. Importantly
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  • The Unintended Consequences of Globalization


    As chief investment strategist for Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management UK, Paul Wharton is responsible for economic and market strategy and the income-oriented portfolios within the bank’s UK onshore discretionary portfolio service. He serves on both the UK and the global investment committees
    By Paul Wharton


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