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Definition of

fundamental accounting concepts


basic assumptions for accounts broad basic assumptions that underlie the periodic financial accounts of business enterprises.

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  • Accounting and Economics—Critical Perspectives

    Best Practice

    Accounting and economics are not the same; they have different objectives, but both are important. The fundamental concepts and application of economic analysis that you should employ are common across economies and organizations. In contrast, the application of accounting varies greatly across
    By John C. Groth

  • Improving Corporate Profitability Through Accountability

    Best Practice

    The rewards from building the accountable organization are much like those from building the quality organization—the more committed the managers and workers and the better integrated the concept with company line operations, the greater the benefit. As a first step, managers must build accountable
    By Marc J. Epstein, Priscilla Wisner

  • Understanding the Key Components of GAAP: The Continuing Concern Concept


    Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are not a fixed set of rules. They are guidelines or a group of objectives and concepts that have evolved on the best way to govern how financial statements are prepared and presented.

  • Accounting for Value: Why the Accountancy Bodies Are Losing Their Way in the Standard-Setting Process


    As I say in the book, accounting defines reality by bringing specificity to what would otherwise be speculative generalities. It takes concepts in common use by economists, such as “revenue,” “cost,” “income,” and “assets,” and applies measurement to them. “Cost of production” is, fundamentally
    By Stephen Penman


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