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Definition of

fully diluted shares

Stockholding & Investments

total shares, including convertible shares and stock options total number of shares that would be outstanding assuming that convertible shares have been converted to ordinary shares and that stock options have been exercised

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    For instance, while companies usually use a weighted average number of shares outstanding over the reporting period, shares outstanding can still be either “primary” or “fully diluted.” Primary EPS is calculated using the number of shares that are currently held by investors in the market and able

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    of the reasons that share issues tend to weaken share prices is because the dilution effects of issuing new shares are worsened by the current system of corporation tax. The Tories have indicated that they wish to reform corporation tax and, if the new government were to do this, the situation could be improved.
    By Andrew Smithers

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    This checklist describes how companies can raise capital by issuing shares.

  • Rights Issues and Placings

    Key Concepts

    Companies on occasion go to their shareholders to raise finance. This could be by means of a rights issue, where a company sells new shares to existing shareholders. The new shares are generally offered in proportion to an existing investor’s current shareholding, respecting their pre-emption rights, and they are almost always offered at a discount to the share price in a bid to encourage investors to buy the new shares


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