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Definition of

frozen credits


credits that are not movable credits in an account which cannot be moved, usually owing to a legal dispute

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  • Revising Basel II—But at What Cost?

    Best Practice

    are doing their utmost to free up frozen credit markets. There is also an issue about the effectiveness of simple rules, which will not be well aligned to differentiations in risk, and may, therefore, encourage “gaming”, albeit perhaps in new forms.
    By Vishal Vedi

  • Why Printing Money Sometimes Works for Central Banks

    Best Practice

    of TALF is to begin a thawing process in the frozen, asset-backed securities (ABS) market. These asset-backed securities involve many types of private-sector credit, such as credit cards, auto loans, student loans, residential real-estate mortgages, and commercial real-estate mortgage debt. The idea
    By Paul Kasriel

  • Argentina

    QFINANCE Country Profiles

    Argentina has been frozen out of all lines of international credit since it initiated the largest sovereign default in history, defaulting on US$95 billion of debt and interest payments in 2001.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Today’s Catalyst Is Working Capital

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    Some mergers came under investigation by one or more US regulatory agencies, and were delayed, rejected, or abandoned. For example, the Federal Trade Commission has acted against “threats” of raised concentration in markets for frozen pizza, carburetor kits, urological catheters, and casket parts
    By James S. Sagner


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