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Definition of

free gold


government gold not part of national reserve gold held by a government but not pledged as a reserve for the government's currency

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  • The Impact of Index Trackers on Shareholders and Stock Volatility

    Best Practice

    In the early 2000s, most global index publishers introduced a “free float” calculation methodology. This reduces a stock’s weighting in an index (and therefore its contribution to the market’s performance) where the availability (or “float”) of securities is restricted due to cross-holdings (a corporation’s holdings of another company’s stock), or untraded ownership stakes held by governments or founders
    By Martin Gold

  • Ghana

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    Ghana, a relative economic star in Africa, is considered likely to attain its goal of middle-income status by 2015, especially given future oil revenues. It is the second-largest producer of cocoa, and Africa’s no. 2 gold miner. It is relatively open to foreign investment. The domestic economy

  • Ghana

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    First reached by Europeans in the 15th century, after which it became a centre for gold and slave trading, the constituent parts of Ghana came under British administration at various times. The original Gold Coast colony was constituted in 1874 and Ashanti and the Northern Territories Protectorate

  • Integrated Corporate Financial Risk Policy

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    For example, when a gold company hedges its exposure to gold prices, it is arguably reducing risk. However, shareholders may see this as an increase in risk, since it moves the company away from its natural gold exposure. Similarly, shareholders own all sorts of assets and diversify their risks
    By David Shimko


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