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Definition of

forwarding agent


somebody preparing shipping and customs documents a person or company that arranges shipping and customs documents for clients

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  • Governance and Reputation Risk

    Best Practice

    Sub-agents, in the shape of private investigators, reporters, and management, played a central role in the catastrophic failure of corporate governance at News International (NI). The parent company, News Corporation (News Corp.), has well-known corporate governance weaknesses—preferential voting
    By Andrew Tucker

  • ALM in Financial Intermediation: The Derivatives Business

    Best Practice

    -hazard problems with limited liability, of which the executive compensation problem is the most significant manifestation, are efficiently solved by promising large end-of-career rewards for agents who prove good performance. For example, an efficient solution to moral hazard in banking involves long-term promises
    By Krzysztof M. Ostaszewski

  • Private Investments in Public Equity

    Best Practice

    that it is prepared to declare the resale registration statement effective. If the SEC never gets to this point, the investors do not have to go forward with the deal. Thus, the issuer bears the registration risk; that is, the risk that the SEC will refuse to declare the resale registration statement effective.
    By William K. Sjostrom, Jr

  • Essentials for Export Success: Understanding How Risks and Relationships Lead to Rewards

    Best Practice

    Three basic transactions for managing FX risk are spot transactions, forward transactions and options. Spot transactions are purchases or sales of foreign currency for “immediate” delivery. Forward transactions carry a specified price and stipulated future value date for the exchange of currencies
    By Paul Beretz


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