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Definition of

forward pricing

Stockholding & Investments

setting of investment price using future valuation the establishment of the price of a share in a mutual fund based on the next asset valuation

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  • Forward Interest Rates


    Forward interest rates are interest rates which are specified now for a loan or transaction that will occur at a specified future date. As with current interest rates, forward interest rates include a term structure which shows the different forward rates offered on transactions of different

  • Understanding and Applying Funds Transfer Pricing

    Best Practice

    In its simplest form funds transfer pricing (FTP) is the process whereby the treasury of a bank (its funding center) aggregates funds centrally and then redistributes them throughout the business units, balancing funding resource excesses and shortages and thus creating an internal market for liquidity
    By Hovik Tumasyan

  • Mixflation

    Best Practice

    There are several rationales for targeting consumer prices, rather than variables, with the potential to be more forward looking (asset prices, credit, or money growth, etc.). First, the forward information content of such variables is meant to be difficult to quantify, especially as institutions change, and indeed some variables tend to become less relevant, precisely because they are targeted
    By Giles Keating

  • Risk Management of Islamic Finance Instruments

    Best Practice

    Parties to forward agreements need to have exactly opposite hedging interests, which inter alia coincide in the timing of protection sought against adverse price movements and the quantity of asset delivery
    By Andreas Jobst


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