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Definition of

foreign subsidiary company


subsidiary located abroad a subsidiary company that is located in a different country from the parent company.

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  • How to Assess a Company’s Global Treasury Needs and Objectives Successfully

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    There is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting with the company’s subsidiaries to understand the basis for their local bank relationships and the services provided by those banks. Keep in mind, however, that these bank relationships have been cultivated over the years by the local corporate
    By Gary Silha

  • Hedging Foreign Exchange Risk—Case Studies and Strategies


    A company that imports raw materials, exports finished goods, or has overseas assets or subsidiaries is exposed to fluctuations in exchange rates. Adverse movements can wipe out export profits, while positive changes can increase the price of its products in the foreign market. Equally, the company

  • Corporate Taxation and Its Impact on Foreign Direct Investment


    The burden of corporate taxation obviously influences the volume and location of foreign direct investment (FDI) for the simple reason that it determines after tax returns from investment. In a globalize world economy with footloose investment, multinational enterprises have the capacity to shift
    By Graeme Leach

  • How Internal Auditing Can Help with a Company’s Fraud Issues

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    Additionally, corporations expand into foreign markets to reduce costs, which can lead to less transparency, stretched resources, and corrupt practices.
    By Gail Harden


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