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Definition of

foreign equity market


market equities of overseas companies the market in one country for equities of companies in other countries

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  • Interdependence of National and International Markets: The Foreign Information Transmission (FIT) Model

    Best Practice

    The MS persistence, or clustering, of volatility has been initially documented between only a few pairs of international stock markets, and for major foreign exchange rates in the currency market. Recently, however, evidence from the currency market has been extended, and innovative new methodology
    By Boulis Ibrahim, Janusz Brzeszczynski

  • Coping with Equity Market Reactions to M&A Transactions

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    It is important to know how to cope with the likely equity market reaction to the announcement of a deal. First of all, you need to understand what those likely reactions will be … and then to work out whether there is anything that can be done to influence the market. Bidders can mitigate
    By Scott Moeller

  • Private Investments in Public Equity

    Best Practice

    of the market price of the issuer’s common stock for some period of days prior to closing of the private placement. As mentioned above, securities regulations generally prohibit investors from selling PIPE shares prior to the SEC declaring the resale registration statement effective. Thus, because the deal price
    By William K. Sjostrom, Jr

  • The Foreign Exchange Market: Its Structure and Function


    This checklist describes how the foreign exchange market works and the types of transactions conducted on it.


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