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Definition of

financing vehicle


product providing funds for activity a method or product used to provide the funds for an activity

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  • Investment Risk in Islamic Finance

    Best Practice

    At the inception of Islamic finance, Islamic economists advocated change and developed a policy for Islamic banking practice and process, arguing that the main aspect of conventional banking—riba (interest)—required immediate rectification if Islamic banking was to exist. To achieve this goal, profit and loss sharing methods were introduced, along with other products such as ijarah (lease) and murabahah (cost plus
    By Kamal Abdelkarim Hassan, Hassan Ahmed Yusuf

  • Infrastructure Finance: Islamic Alternative


    A number of projects had started to explore the use of Islamic financial structures, if not for the whole project then at least for a tranche of the total financing requirement. The most commonly used vehicle today for project finance is a combination of istisna’a (financing of a large asset during
    By Natalie Schoon

  • The Role of Institutional Investors in Corporate Financing

    Best Practice

    $60.8 trillion, and the aggregate value of corporate bonds outstanding in the United States, the largest corporate bond market, was US$5.8 trillion in 2007. Clearly, for any successful corporate managers who raise capital to finance their future growth, it is crucial to understand
    By Hao Jiang

  • Public Private Partnerships: A Vehicle of Excellence for the Next Wave of Infrastructure Development in the GCC

    White Papers

    cutting edge laboratories, the first super computer in the region and world’s leading faculty including Nobel laureates. According to research by Kuwait Finance House, GCC plans to spend $10 billion in healthcare related projects by 2015.
    By Markab Advisory


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