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Definition of

financial supermarket


firm providing many different financial services a company that offers a variety of financial services. For example, a bank may offer loans, mortgages, retirement plans, and insurance alongside its existing range of normal banking services.

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    as financial services, and even cars. This trend is being driven by various factors. For example, in many countries, there are now so many supermarkets that the market has reached saturation point. In addition, items such as electronics offer higher margins than traditional groceries.

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    By comparing a company’s current assets with its current liabilities, the current ratio reflects its ability to pay its upcoming bills in the unlikely event of all creditors demanding payment at once. It has long been the measurement of choice among financial institutions and lenders.

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    Dealing with “products” (whether coffee or financial) requires an understanding of:
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    problematic. Not only does this silo reputation into one managerial area—most usually corporate affairs or the financial and operational risk committees—but it also reinforces a view at the top that reputation can be managed like any other direct reporting function
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