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Definition of

financial resources


money available for spending the money that is available for a person or organization to spend

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  • Understanding the Role of Diversification
    by Guofu Zhou
    To diversify is to do things with variety in order to improve well-being. Diversification is thus a common and fundamental concept in both daily life and business. However, the practice is primarily known as a way of reducing risk by investing in a variety of assets or business ventures. Buying one utility stock in the East coast and one in the West will minimize local shocks, while maintaining roughly the same return as buying either of the two...
  • Managing Financial Resources
    Mick Broadbent and John Cullen (3rd ed 2003, originally 1993)
    Addresses the complexities of financial planning and control, and explains key concepts. Focuses on finance for the non-financial manager, helping them understand the principles involved in managing financial resources. Makes it easier for educators to prepare materials, and structure courses for students at different levels.
  • What Is Benchmarking?
    This checklist defines the process of benchmarking to improve the performance of an organization.
  • Developing a Contingency Funding Plan
    This checklist describes why it is important to set up a contingency fund, how to define its uses, and some traps to avoid.

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