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Definition of

financial control

Treasury Management

management of firm's finances the policies and procedures established by an organization for managing, documenting, and reporting its financial transactions

Recommended Further Reading (Term count)
  • Implementing an Effective Internal Controls System
    by Andrew Chambers
    In some jurisdictions law or regulation may require effective systems of internal control, with serious penalties for irresponsible failure. The Sarbanes–Oxley Act (2002) requires CEOs and CFOs of companies with listings in the United States to certify their assessment of the effectiveness of internal control over reported disclosures (s302) and financial reporting (s404), with penalties of up to $1 million and ten years imprisonment for...
  • What Is Forensic Auditing?
    This checklist provides an overview of forensic auditing and examines how managers can put the techniques to work to protect their businesses against waste, abuse, and various forms of economic crime, such as fraud.
  • Financial Control for Non-Financial Managers
    David Irwin (1995)
    Aimed at managers new to financial responsibility, guiding them on how to understand and use the figures at their disposal to control their businesses. Explains the inner workings of financial planning, and how to develop effective budgets and forecasts. Demonstrates how effective financial control helps the management of the whole business.  
  • World-Class Internal Audit
    by Robin Pritchard
    The world in which we live and work today has the most complex, diverse, and challenging demographics ever known to man. Not only have we developed an appetite for travel, trade, and communication across all boundaries, but the technological advancement, awareness of the dimensions of security, and the conflicts arising from political direction and change represent a demanding challenge for everyone. This encompasses both issues that are...

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