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Definition of

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis


way of identifying and dealing with potential failures a method for identifying and ranking the seriousness of ways in which a product, process, or service could fail, and finding ways in which to minimize the risk of those potential failures.

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  • MBOs: A High-Octane and Life-Changing Mode of Business

    Best Practice

    MBOs—shorthand for MBIs, BIMBOs, IBOs and the like, as well as management buy-outs—make or lose fortunes for the risk-takers because of the leverage involved. Leverage is the fulcrum on which these deals seesaw between success and failure. Every venture capitalist’s portfolio has a range of leveraged companies, and average returns to their investors are determined by the balance between their star investments and those which stagnate or go bust
    By Andy Nash

  • Correcting the Financial Crisis Failures of Asset-Liability Management (ALM) Risk Management

    Best Practice

    The causes of the crisis spawned factors that impacted asset–liability portfolios and resulted in risk management failures. The crisis was not caused by one factor alone, and it was not relegated to one geographical location. The crisis was a systemic, worldwide failure. The complex financial system
    By Jerome L. Kreuser

  • Countering Supply Chain Risk

    Best Practice

    to complete an order for a number of reasons, including problems sourcing necessary raw materials, low process yield due to increased scrap, equipment failure, damaged facilities, or the need to ration its limited product among several customers. Transportation disruptions occur while products are in transit
    By Vinod Lall

  • Using Decision Analysis to Value R&D Projects

    Best Practice

    Project portfolio management, the equivalent of financial portfolio management but focused on R&D projects rather than financial assets, often relies on decision analysis methods to value projects rather than traditional financial valuation methods such as net present value (NPV). In finance
    By Bert De Reyck


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