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Definition of

factor market


place where capital or labor is traded a market in which factors of production are bought and sold, for example, the capital market or the labor market

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  • The Liquidity Factor


    Shariah banks and financial markets have been affected by the international financial crisis, but, according to a recent International Monetary Fund study, they have proved more resilient and less unstable than their conventional competitors.
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  • Factoring and Invoice Discounting: Working Capital Management Options

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    Factoring can be done on both a recourse and non-recourse basis. In developed financial markets, factoring is done on a non-recourse basis. The factor does not have a claim against its client (the borrower) if the accounts default. In less-mature financial markets, recourse factoring is used, where
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  • Factoring Problem Loan Assumptions into Asset–Liability Management (ALM) Modeling

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    A common theme today is the selling of mortgage notes by banks that are in financial trouble or need to remove loans from their financial statements due to regulatory pressures. These deals are often opportunistic for banks, depending on market conditions.
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    Due to the stochastic nature of financial markets, it is obviously not possible to predict exactly the future value of a portfolio. However, knowing the past behavior of the risk factors that drive the market value of the portfolio, it is possible to generate a stochastic set of possible scenarios for the future value of the portfolio
    By Marius Bochniak


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