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Definition of

external communication

General Management

informal exchange of information the exchange of information and messages between an organization and other organizations, groups, or individuals outside its formal structure. The goals of external communication are to facilitate cooperation with groups such as suppliers, investors, and stockholders, and to present a favorable image of an organization and its products or services to potential and actual customers and to society at large. A variety of channels may be used for external communication, including face-to-face meetings, print or broadcast media, and electronic communication technologies such as the Internet. External communication includes the fields of PR, media relations, advertising, and marketing management.

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    trying to reinforce them with communicationInvestment in communicationHigh spending for external communication—often also reach-orientedInvestment balanced bet­ween inter­nal expenses (e.g. for analyses) and external communicationClearly higher investment in internal process optimization and measured efforts in external communicationCommunication efforts limited to a
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