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Definition of


International Trade

goods sent abroad for sale goods sent to another country to be sold.

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  • Exporting Against Letters of Credit

    Best Practice

    When selling goods, a seller must take into account and manage the risk of not being paid. In the case of exported goods, these risks include not just the risk that a buyer will not have enough cash to pay, or will dispute their liability to pay, but also the risk that something will happen
    By Buddy Baker

  • Essentials for Export Success: Understanding How Risks and Relationships Lead to Rewards

    Best Practice

    How should a business assess world markets? One initial approach for exporters is to determine their “IQ,” or international qualities, before either entering or expanding their overseas markets.
    By Paul Beretz

  • Hernando de Soto


    -chaired the Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor, and currently serves as honorary co-chair on the World Justice Project. De Soto has served as an economist for the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, as president of the executive committee of the Copper Exporting Countries Organization (CIPEC), as CEO

  • Peter Koveos


    of ExportNY, an institute for international business executives, and the International Business Forum he works closely with New York companies to develop their international business strategies. He is also president of the Central New York International Business Alliance and has worked extensively in Asia


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