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Definition of

entry barrier


hindrance to entering market a perceived or real obstacle preventing a competitor from entering a market

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  • Business Implications of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)

    Best Practice

    European standards for processing payments, reducing barriers to market entry, increasing efficiency, and lowering transfer costs. Setting such standards will lead to payment format and master data changes—not only for companies in Europe, but also in the United States and other countries that have
    By Juergen Bernd Weiss

  • United Kingdom: Regulatory Structure and Powers


    on competition arising from its activities and to facilitate competition within the United Kingdom’s financial sector. This includes reducing regulatory barriers to entry or business expansion. The FSA’s rules and practices on competition are monitored by HM Treasury, the Office of Fair Trading

  • Avoiding the Mistakes of the Past: Lessons from the Startup World

    Best Practice

    But what the internet will not do is take people out of the center of the business process. Protect any new technology with patents or trademarks—create barriers to market entry. Determine your strategy, then your goals (growth isn’t a strategy; it’s a goal). Aim to reach your target market
    By James E. Schrager

  • What Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Can Do to Increase Their Chances of Success in the Global Economy

    Best Practice

    by closely monitoring business processes and financial obligations, as well as by focusing intently on their market and the challenges of building market share. With democracy encircling the globe and once-rigid barriers to free trade being eroded, the entrepreneur in many industry sectors seeks opportunities beyond his/her local region or country in a worldwide market
    By Neuman F. Pollack


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