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Definition of


General Management

assumption of deserving reward the expectation that an organization or individual will make large profits regardless of their contribution to the economy or company

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  • Paul Kasriel


    Kasriel began his career as a research economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. He is coauthor of a book entitled Seven Indicators that Move Markets, and he serves on the Economic Advisory Committee of the American Bankers Association.

  • Intellectual Property—Copyright


    Intellectual property is a legal concept that provides for the exclusive ownership of abstract creations. It entitles the owner of such rights to charge for the use of the property or sell it.

  • Accounting for Share-Based Payments under IFRS

    Best Practice

    Conditions are classified as either vesting or nonvesting. Vesting conditions are defined as those that determine whether the company has received the services that entitle the employee to receive the award, and they can be either service period conditions or performance conditions. The vesting
    By Shân Kennedy

  • Islamic Insurance Markets and the Structure of Takaful

    Best Practice

    In the case of conventional insurance, neither the insurer nor the insured knows the outcome of the contract (i.e., whether a loss will occur or not). The insurer is entitled to get the premium in all cases, whereas the insured may not receive a claim because the payment of claims depends on the probability of loss occurrence (which is a random variable
    By Suzanne White


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