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Definition of

enterprise investment scheme


tax incentives for investors in unquoted UK firms in the United Kingdom, a plan to promote investment in unquoted companies by which qualifying gains are exempt from capital gains tax

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    An initial public offering (IPO) of stocks is a share offering to the public by a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) undertaken to raise additional cash for future growth or to enable existing stockholders to cash out by selling part of their holdings
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    indeed should be seen as investments rather than costs—but management accounting rarely recognizes this.
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    Rating agencies, analysts, shareholders, and regulators are all taking more interest in capital models and enterprise risk management (ERM). Effective ERM acts as the common thread that links balance sheet strength, operating performance and business profile.”1
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    Unique solutions are now appearing in the market. A whole industry has now sprung up in the United Kingdom offering full insurance buyouts, where the pension liabilities are transferred away to dedicated specialists. This can often improve the situation for pension scheme members, as these specialist insurers are tightly regulated, operate within strict investment and asset/liability guidelines, and have to hold capital against any extreme losses.
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