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Definition of

enterprise culture

General Management

attitudes and behavior fostering bold undertakings an organizational or social environment that encourages and makes possible initiative and innovation. An organization with an enterprise culture is usually more competitive and more profitable than a bureaucracy. Such an organization is believed to be more rewarding and stimulating to work in. A society with an enterprise culture facilitates individuality and requires people to take responsibility for their own welfare. Conservative governments in the United Kingdom during the 1980s and 1990s promoted an enterprise culture by introducing market principles into all areas of economic and social life. These included policies of deregulation of financial services, privatization of utilities and national monopolies, and commercialization of the public sector. The enterprise culture is now supported by both main political parties.

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    Elements of organization culture include: How people work together; how responsible they feel for the success of the enterprise; how ethically they behave; how people behave toward customers; how they feel about the quality of the company’s goods and services; how prideful they feel about
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    Rating agencies, analysts, shareholders, and regulators are all taking more interest in capital models and enterprise risk management (ERM). Effective ERM acts as the common thread that links balance sheet strength, operating performance and business profile.”1
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    Although bankers, investors, and educators often emphasize the need for planning in advance of opening an enterprise, the evidence is that most venture creators did not prepare a business plan before they started. For a small or medium-size enterprise (SME) that has been operating for some time, however, a
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    Change management may be described as a process for opening an enterprise’s culture to new ways, gaining individual employee buy-in, and training employees to be a part of the new and better enterprise. If management fails to anticipate the need for change management, projects will inevitably cost
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