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Definition of

electronic retailer


retail business operating over Internet a business that uses an electronic network such as the Internet to sell its goods or services.

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    The pattern seen in the grocery market is being repeated in other retailing sectors, such as clothing and electronics, with sales increasingly concentrated through a relatively small number of retailers. Many of these companies are also expanding internationally

  • E-Commerce

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    in their own right. However, e-commerce has largely been developed by established large retailers, which regard it as simply another sales channel. The gigantic grocery retailers that have expanded away from food and into a wide variety of other areas, such as clothing and electronic goods, have been

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    While some electronic bond trading is available to retail investors, the entire bond market remains very much an OTC market. The bond market, unlike the equity markets (where electronic dealing and transparency have leveled the playing field for individual and institutional investors), lacks price transparency and liquidity, except in the case of government bonds

  • Estonia

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    ’s worst performers in 2008–2011. Government budget cuts will be necessary and greater emphasis will have to be placed on tradeable goods and services, rather than investing in sectors such as real estate, retail non-tradeable and banking. Estonia is strong in e-commerce, electronics, and telecoms, and has


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