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Definition of

electronic payment system


method for payments over Internet a means of making payments over an electronic network such as the Internet

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  • Building an Electronic Invoicing System


    This checklist considers some of the outline factors that can lead to greater use of electronic invoicing (e-invoicing), and considerations when implementing e-invoicing systems.

  • Electronics

    Sector Profiles

    It includes TV set manufacturers, videogame consoles, and, across an array of industry sectors, a vast army of specialist control-systems manufacturers, not to mention the aviation and auto sectors, both of which could not exist in their present forms without massive input from the electronics sector

  • Electronic Invoicing in the European Union

    Best Practice

    Electronic invoicing involves the replacement of manual paper-based routines with new integrated systems and processes. Expected benefits include the creation of integrated supply chains which are more cost-effective, less error-prone, faster, and simpler to manage. Other benefits include improved customer care (typically, as the joint EBA/Innopay report, “E-invoicing 2008,” points out, nearly half of customer queries relate to invoicing) as well as improved risk management
    By Hansjörg Nymphius

  • The Payment Services Directive: A Crucial Step Toward Payment Harmonization Across the EU

    Best Practice

    The PSD is one additional step in the efforts of the European legislators to achieve an integrated payments market. This process started with the introduction of the euro in 1999 (as an electronic currency) and 2002 (notes and coins), the implementation of new payments-related legislation at EU
    By Björn Flismark


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