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Definition of

economic relations

International Trade

trade and finance interactions between countries the arrangements for cooperation in international trade, finance, and investment existing between individual countries and sets of countries

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  • A Holistic Approach to Stakeholder Relations to Build Reputation and Mitigate Reputation Risk

    Best Practice

    would have created a new public relations or advertising program, which might have damaged its reputation further. Finally, what Comcast learned is what all organizations should recognize: that they need to monitor, identify, assess, and manage their reputation risks before they become crises.
    By Elliot S. Schreiber

  • Financial Intermediaries: Their Role and Relation to Financial Markets


    intermediaries are both experienced and economically sound. Have interview meetings with intermediaries you are considering to ensure that you will be able to work with each other before you enter into any financial relationship. Don’t Don’t rush hastily into a relationship with an intermediary. Don’t use

  • Accounting and Economics—Critical Perspectives

    Best Practice

    This article reveals some important differences between accounting and economics. It does not seek to explain the various arguments that prompt, support, or question such differences. The ultimate objectives are an awareness that accounting and economics differ, and that knowledge of the differences
    By John C. Groth

  • Understanding Economic Efficiency Theory


    The second element of conventional economic efficiency theory relates to the way existing resources are allocated. The logic is that high levels of competition among producers should prevent them from making excessive profits by raising their selling prices to an unreasonable level above


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