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bank responsible for EU monetary policy the financial institution that replaced the European Monetary Institute in 1998 and that is responsible for carrying out EU monetary policy and administering the euro.

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  • Eurosystem Central Banks and the TARGET2 Debt Debate


    Yes, because Professor Sinn made some fundamental errors in his analysis. My paper sets out the nature of the financial flows between the national central banks (NCBs) and between the NCBs and the European Central Bank (ECB), which are reflected in the eurozone settlement mechanism, called TARGET2. However, in his argument he miscasts the role of the TARGET2 mechanism
    By John Whittaker

  • The Tragedy of the Euro


    Importantly, although from the outside the new European Central Bank (ECB) would look like a copy of the Bundesbank, from the inside it could be put under political pressure and transformed over time into a central bank more like the Latin central banks. Key here is the fact that voting rights mean
    By Philipp Bagus

  • A European Stabilization Bank?

    White Papers

    This paper, "A European Stabilization Bank?" is a collection of blog posts published earlier this year on aimed to the European Commission, MEPs, the ECB and anyone else interested in European politics. Due to the huge interest and discussions which followed, we decided to collate
    By John A. Morrison, Peter Lindmark, and Robert McDowell

  • Austerity vs Stimulus in the Context of the EU Crisis


    Central Bank (ECB) would have helped.
    By Patricia Gabaldón


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