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Definition of

dividend warrant

Stockholding & Investments

check in payment of dividend a check issued to qualified stockholders that makes payment of a dividend.

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  • Private Investments in Public Equity

    Best Practice

    notes, and may be coupled with common stock warrants.
    By William K. Sjostrom, Jr

  • Optimizing the Capital Structure: Finding the Right Balance between Debt and Equity

    Best Practice

    Equity financing includes owners’ equity, venture capital (equity capital provided to a private firm in exchange for a share ownership of the firm), common equity, and warrants (the right to buy a share of stock in a company at a fixed price during the life of the warrant
    By Meziane Lasfer

  • Understanding the Cost of Capital and the Hurdle Rate


    The cost of equity is more complex. The traditional calculation used is that of dividend capitalization, whereby the dividends per share are divided by the current market value of the stock plus the dividend growth rate. Thus, the cost of equity is equal to the compensation demanded by the market

  • Understanding the True Cost of Issuing Convertible Debt and Other Equity-Linked Financing

    Best Practice

    CS holder gets new shares upon exercise. It follows that if the price at which the CS holder is entitled to shares is below market price, then the value of all corporate equity, including the convertor’s, is diluted. This explains why a convertible warrant is worth less than a straight call option
    By Roger Lister


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