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Definition of

dividend mandate

Stockholding & Investments

permission to directly deposit dividends in bank account an authorization by a stockholder to the company in which he or she has a holding to pay dividends directly into his or her bank account

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    Best Practice

    However, to manage investment in these companies requires a degree of expertise. First, to choose appropriate companies in which to invest. Second, to manage the administration of the various financial transactions that companies undertake, from paying dividends, to rights issues, share splits and repurchases, voting, and other rights given to stockholders.
    By David Pitt-Watson

  • Analyzing a Bank’s Financial Performance

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    ratios (as we have already seen in this chapter) is the lifeblood for survival. Net income keeps stockholders happy by providing a source of continued dividends on their investment. EPS is a common measure of a company’s profitability and is well known to anyone who invests in company stock.
    By Jyothi Manohar

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    Following the capture of Syria from the Ottoman Empire by Anglo–French forces in 1918, France received a mandate over this territory, and separated out the region of Lebanon in 1920. France granted the area independence in 1943. A lengthy civil war (1975–1990) devastated the country, but Lebanon has

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    The Task Force was mandated to: (1) examine the conceptual aspects of Islamic finance and its role in enhancing financial stability; (2) conduct a stocktaking of the state of the Islamic financial services industry following the global financial crisis; and (3) examine the financial architecture
    By Bilal Rasul


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