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Definition of

distribution of income

  • 1. Stockholding & Investments

    payment of dividends to stockholders the payment of accumulated dividends to stockholders on record, usually on an annual basis

  • 2. Economics

    wealth range in society the way income is spread across society as a whole, as a measure of the equality or inequality of wealth

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  • Reinvesting in the Company versus Rewarding Investors with Distributions

    Best Practice

    Companies that do not want to commit to a regular dividend, or those making one-off large distributions to stockholders (for example, the proceeds of a major disposal), may do so by way of a share buyback rather than a dividend. For tax purposes, the proceeds of a buyback are often treated as capital rather than income, which favors some investors
    By Ruth Bender

  • Tax Relief on Employer and Employee Pension Contributions: Rationale, Value and Distribution

    White Papers

    contributions for those on incomes of £150,000 and over, arguing that high income earners benefited disproportionately from the relief offered and would have otherwise benefited even further from recent policy changes.
    By Frank Eich

  • Total Return


    The total return formula reflects all the ways in which an investment may earn or lose money: dividends as income, capital gains distributions, and capital appreciation—the increase or decrease in the investment’s net asset value (NAV):

  • Performance Reporting under IFRS

    Best Practice

    Financial statements prepared under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) include a statement of comprehensive income which, together with associated notes, report a company’s performance for the accounting period. The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), an independent body
    By Peter Casson


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