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Definition of


HR & Personnel

firing employee the termination of somebody's employment by his or her employer

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  • Turks and Caicos Islands

    Whitaker's Almanack Country Profiles

    Following an inquiry into alleged political corruption in 2008–9, on 14 August 2009 the UK government suspended parts of the constitution, dismissed the House of Assembly and imposed direct rule by the governor for a period of at least two years, during which time legislative, administrative and financial

  • Corporate Board Structures

    Best Practice

    The job of the board is to control the managerial succession process (involving hiring, assessing, promoting, and if required, dismissing the CEO), and to provide high-level counsel to top management.
    By Vidhan Goyal

  • Internal Rate of Return


    to cash flows only. As well as advocates, IRR has critics who dismiss it as misleading, especially as significant costs will occur late in the project. The rule of thumb that “the higher the IRR the better” does not always apply. For the most thorough analysis of a project’s investment potential, some

  • Managing Retirement Costs

    Best Practice

    Although some analysts dismiss the warning that labor shortages will be a major problem—citing increased productivity and immigration as mitigating factors—others predict that the lack of skilled workers to replace retirees, a phenomenon that is often called the “boomer brain drain
    By Beverly Goldberg


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