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Definition of


  • 1.

    reduction in investment through non-replacement of capital assets a process of reducing investment by not replacing capital assets when they wear out

  • 2.

    reduction in investment by selling stock a process of reducing investment overall or in a specific area by selling stock

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  • Value Creation—Perspectives and Implications

    Best Practice

    In valuation we refer to cash or economic returns, not accounting returns. Second, investments/disinvestments represent capital opportunities; for example, if I reduce my investment in finished goods inventory, the amount of capital I release or disinvest opens an opportunity for investment
    By John C. Groth

  • Fast Finance to Slow Finance


    Stock markets are all about change. Share prices move instantaneously to reflect the latest results or the utterances from world leaders. Traders sit ready to invest or disinvest huge capital sums at any moment. In the City, most assume that successful investors need to be major players
    By Gervais Williams

  • Accounting and Economics—Critical Perspectives

    Best Practice

    and in the consistency and reliability of these measures. Don’t confuse economics with accounting. Make decisions to invest/disinvest capital (human, tangible, and financial) based on economics, not on accounting. Make sure in accounting that reporting is diligent. Some decisions are so important that one would not think
    By John C. Groth


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