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Definition of

discretionary funds

Stockholding & Investments

funds broker can manage without consulting client funds managed at the discretion of a broker without the broker needing to refer to the owner for prior permission

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  • Bias-Free Investing Offers the Best Hope for Pension Funds


    Contrast this with a fund that passively tracks a cap-weighted index such as the UK equity market cap-weighted index. In the 1970s this was completely biased toward consumer discretionaries at the worst possible moment. In the 1980s it was completely biased toward oil stocks at the worst possible
    By Yves Choueifaty

  • Asset Management

    Key Concepts

    ” describes the areas the asset manager is authorized by the client to invest his/her money in. Passive management aims to replicate the performance of an index, whereas active management involves discretionary decisions in an attempt to beat the returns from an index.

  • Reducing Costs and Improving Efficiency with New Management Information Systems

    Best Practice

    The music school’s endowment was not sufficient to support its plans for growth, which would require, among other things, building a new dormitory. In the past, the institution had relied primarily on members of the board and the president of the college to raise funds for the endowment through personal appeals to friends and associates, but it was clear to senior management that the amount now needed was far in excess of what they could possibly raise themselves
    By Beverly Goldberg

  • Capital Expenditure


    positive cash flow to fund dividends/growth as well as capital expenditure.


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