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Definition of

disaster management

General Management

firm's response to major unexpected negative events the actions taken by an organization in response to unexpected events that are adversely affecting people or resources and threatening the continued operation of the organization. Disaster management includes the development of disaster recovery plans, for minimizing the risk of disasters and for handling them when they do occur, and the implementation of such plans. Disaster management usually refers to the management of natural catastrophes such as fire, flooding, or earthquakes. Related techniques include crisis management, contingency management, and risk management.

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  • Building Potential Catastrophe Management into a Strategic Risk Framework
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    What is catastrophic risk? Catastrophic risk is: Stuff happens. Some unexpected, perhaps unexpectable, natural event occurs. Half a world away from its source in southern China, SARS kills 38 people in Toronto; a nuclear reactor at Chernobyl is driven into a state its designers never even imagined, even as its operators disable critical safety features, and it explodes; events in the Middle East cause Britons to blow themselves up on the London...
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    There are two ways in which a company’s reputation may need to be defended: proactively, or reactively. The best policy is to be proactive and put in place a plan for how the organization will address its reputation management, including its reaction to disaster. The company should be properly
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  • Risk Management Revisited

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    Risk management has taken centre stage in many commercial organizations in recent years, but it is in the financial services industry that it has assumed the greatest prominence, particularly since the subprime crisis and the ensuing credit crunch of the late “noughties.” Major banks and asset management firms now boast a chief risk officer (CRO) sitting alongside the chief financial officer (CFO) and other executives on the main board
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    Over the past decade the line between risk management and compliance has been blurred to the point where, in many organizations, it is impossible to determine if they are not one and the same. In part, this confusion between the two functions was initiated and then exacerbated by the passage
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