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Definition of

direct labor cost percentage rate


product overhead attributed to labor costs an overhead absorption rate, based on labor costs, which can readily be allocated to individual units of production

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    Different investments typically offer different compounding periods, usually quarterly or monthly. The annual percentage rate, or APR, allows them to be compared over a common period of time, namely one year.

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    PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) publish annual data on corporate tax rate, labor tax rate and other tax rates in order to estimate a total tax rate (TTR). PwC place the UK 59th in the world based on its TTR ranking. The complexity of the analysis is well illustrated by France. France’s TTR ranks 160th
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    The sharp rise in commodity prices (due to zero-cost money seeking out “hard” assets) in relative price terms, i.e. against the price of goods and services broadly, implies a reversal of the forces that appear in the downleg. In both legs the cost of inputs drives the movement of prices through the pipeline, but in the downleg the direction is toward deflation, and in the upleg it is toward inflation or possibly stagflation.
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  • Profitability Analysis Using Activity-Based Costing

    Best Practice

    The direct labor base was a large proportion of costs, and overhead support costs were a relatively small proportion of total costs. As shown in Figure 1, direct labor costs have declined as a percentage of total costs, while overhead costs have grown.
    By Priscilla Wisner


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