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Definition of

demand management

Operations & Production

predicting and meeting customer demand the supply chain activity of forecasting, effectively planning for, and meeting customer demand for a product

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  • Countering Supply Chain Risk
    by Vinod Lall
    In March 2000, a fire at a Philips semiconductor factory damaged some components used to make chips for mobile phones. Ericsson and Nokia—two of Philips’ major customers—responded to the event in very different ways. Ericsson decided to let the delay take its own course, while supply chain managers at Nokia monitored the situation closely and developed contingency plans. By the time Philips discovered that the fire had contaminated a large area...
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  • Starting a Successful Internal Audit Function to Meet Present and Future Demands

    Best Practice

    This expertise demands not only knowledge of what these processes require but also an understanding of the principles on which they are based, experience of how they operate at all levels within an organization, and how they are reported to all stakeholders. This expertise has to be at the management level
    By Jeffrey Ridley

  • Managing Activist Investors and Fund Managers

    Best Practice

    Whether or not your organization has been a target in the past for activist investors and fund managers, you have to plan on it becoming a fact of life from now on—things have changed.
    By Leslie L. Kossoff

  • Managing Intellectual Capital

    Best Practice

    The importance of nonfinancial measures is self-evident. W. Edwards Deming, legendary creator of the quality circles concept, has criticized managers in the United States for spending over 97% of their time analyzing figures, and less than 3% on the intangibles that really matter. In other words
    By Leif Edvinsson


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