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pay off debt to reduce the size of a company's debt, possibly by selling off some assets

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  • Deleveraging, Deflation, and Rebalancing in the Global Economy


    their borrowing and increasing their savings. This deleveraging by the consumer takes money directly out of the economy. The US economy needs the consumer to spend to drive real GDP growth.
    By Paul Brain, Laurie Carroll

  • Understanding the Risks and Opportunities in Recession-Hit Markets


    at and will form a view that current yields are abnormally low. They would be correct if we lived in a world where normal growth rates could be expected to return imminently. However, the current global economic climate is being driven by massive deleveraging in advanced markets at the level of both governments
    By Keith Guthrie

  • Investing in Corporate Debt in Difficult Market Conditions


    you pick. This condition is fulfilled since we have great value in companies right now. They have all cleaned up their balance sheets and have been actively cutting costs and deleveraging since 2008.
    By Robert Marquardt

  • Switzerland

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    The decline in economic activity has influenced demand for loans, and lending conditions have tightened in line with the deterioration of the cycle. However, the deleveraging of the two big banks has not affected domestic lending. Demand for mortgages remains high, reflecting long-term rates


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