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Definition of

deferred creditor


creditor paid after all others a person who is owed money by a bankrupt person or organization but who is paid only after all other creditors

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  • Risk Management of Islamic Finance Instruments

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    From an economic point of view, the “creditor-in-possession”-based lending arrangements of Islamic finance replicate the interest income of conventional lending transactions in a religiously acceptable manner
    By Andreas Jobst

  • The Emergence and Development of Islamic Banking

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    TermExplanationAmanah (Demand deposits)Deposits held at the bank for safekeeping purposes. Their capital value isguaranteed and they earn no return.Bay mu’ajal (Predelivery, deferred payment)The seller can sell a product on the basis of a deferred payment, in installments or in a lump sum. The price
    By Umar Oseni, M. Kabir Hassan

  • Defining Assets


    No business can continue for very long without knowing what assets it has at its disposal, and using them efficiently. Assets are a reflection of organizational strength, and are invariably evaluated by potential investors, banks, and creditors, and other stakeholders. Moreover, the value of assets

  • Bankruptcy Resolution and Investor Protection in Sukuk Markets

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    In this relation, East Cameron argued that there had been no real transfer of ownership of production revenues, known as royalties, into a special purpose vehicle formed to issue the sukuk. Instead, the company claimed that the transaction was merely a loan secured on those royalties, implying that sukuk-holders would have to share the royalties with other creditors in the event of liquidation.
    By Kamal Abdelkarim Hassan, Muhamad Kholid


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