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Definition of

decision-making unit


group of employees responsible for purchase decisions a group of people within an organization who directly or indirectly influence the purchase of a product or service

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  • Fragment or Unite—But Decide! The Future of EU Financial Supervision


    More generally, it seems that many decision-makers are still not sufficiently aware of the international dimension of our choices. The European Union, as the second largest financial market in the world, has a responsibility to make sure that its financial markets are stable and secure. Furthermore
    By Bernhard Speyer, Norbert Walter

  • Energy Self-Sufficiency through Shale Gas Changes the Game for the United States


    appealing to religion and tradition to explain their exclusion from the decision-making process. Over time the whole of the Persian Gulf area is likely to get caught up in this process of change. One result is that oil companies with reserves in safe political regions will attract an increasing premium
    By Angelos Damaskos

  • The Cost of Reputation: The Impact of Events on a Company’s Financial Performance

    Best Practice

    An alternative is the creation of a corporate reputation council (CRC). This is a cross-functional unit composed of senior executives with actual decision-making authority. The actual composition of the council needs to mirror the organizational structure of the company. For example, a matrix
    By Daniel Diermeier

  • The Case for Continuous Auditing of Management Information Systems

    Best Practice

    Management information systems represent the aggregation of personnel, computer hardware and software, and associated policies and procedures, allowing data processing to generate information that can be used for decision-making. Corporations typically have management information systems
    By Robert E. Davis


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