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Definition of

debt rescheduling


negotiation of new terms for debt repayment the renegotiation of debt payments. Debt rescheduling is necessary when a company can no longer meet its debt payments. It can involve deferring debt payments, deferring payment of interest, or negotiating a new loan. It is usually undertaken as part of turnaround management to avoid business failure. Debt rescheduling is also undertaken in less developed countries that encounter national debt difficulties. Such arrangements are usually overseen by the International Monetary Fund.

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  • Jordan

    Whitaker's Almanack Country Profiles

    Since 1999, King Abdullah has implemented economic reforms, and these measures have increased productivity and exports, begun to attract foreign direct investment, and won agreement to debt rescheduling from international donors

  • Seychelles

    QFINANCE Country Profiles

    In December 2008, the Seychelles government asked the Paris Club group of nations to help it reschedule its external debt. Finance minister Danny Faure said that the debt would become unsustainable if no agreement was reached. The government is hoping that around half of its foreign debt will be cancelled.

  • An Auditor’s Approach to Risk-Based Auditing: What to Audit and When

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    resources. When this happens, the auditor must adjust the original plan and “give-ups”(the deferral or elimination of what was originally scheduled) must be presented to management. The reallocation of resources will alter the original schedule, but the rescheduling of audit coverage would still be guided
    By Paul J. Sanchez


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