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Definition of

customs tariff

International Trade

list of import taxes a list of taxes to be paid on imported goods

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  • An Information Framework for Financial Services Supervision

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    Precisise estimation of the institutional exposure to capital buffering is fundamental. Thus every quantitative tool you have at your disposal will need to be deployed to achieve this objective. The key source of risk is in the Product Hierarchy, in what can be referred to as “The Tariff Engine”1
    By Andy Cox, Pat Galea, and Tim Franklin, John A. Morrison

  • Argentina

    QFINANCE Country Profiles

    for the enforcement of tariff and customs laws and regulations. There are a host of import regulations, which the importer needs to get to grips with, including anti-dumping provisions. According to a study by the US embassy in Argentina, the country’s import tariffs range from 0% to 35%, with an average applied

  • United Arab Emirates

    QFINANCE Country Profiles

    on alcohol and tobacco) are zero or 5%. The entire tariff is bound, but some 30 applied rates exceed bindings. Customs procedures are simple, facilitating trade. Further information on importing into the UAE is available on the country’s customs service’s website.

  • Channel Islands

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    of the European Community (EC). The common customs tariff, levies, and other agricultural import measures therefore apply to trade between the island and nonmember states, and there is free movement of goods and trade between the island and member states.


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