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Definition of


General Management

changing products for individual customers the process of modifying products or services to meet the requirements of individual customers

customization - Related Articles
  • Financial Techniques for Building Customer Loyalty

    Best Practice

    Every organization knows that in order for it to survive, let alone grow, it has to acquire and then retain profitable customers. And it is loyal customers that generate increasing profits for each additional year they are retained.
    By Ray Halagera

  • Intellectual Capital

    Best Practice

    these might be. In “Den Osynliga Balansräkningen Ledarskap ” (“The Invisible Balance Sheet”), 1989, they laid the foundation stone for much of what has come after by producing a taxonomy for intellectual capital. Knowledge assets, they proposed, could be found in three places: the competencies of a company’s people, its internal structure (patents, models, computer and administrative systems), and its external structure (brands, reputation, relationships with customers and suppliers).
    By Thomas A. Stewart

  • In Data We Trust


    There were harbingers of the customer data revolution in the early 1990s—on the shelves of Wal-Mart’s stores, among other places. The world’s largest retailer had invested early in database systems, initially in order to optimize its logistics and warehousing. A number of anecdotes circulate about
    By Björn Bloching

  • Total Quality Management and Internal Auditing

    Best Practice

    The 1980s and 1990s saw a worldwide increase in the teaching and implementation of quality schemes. Most of these programs focused on economics and customer satisfaction, with controlled processes, key performance indicators, and feedback mechanisms. All involved a need for continuous improvement
    By Jeffrey Ridley


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