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Definition of

customer expectation


what potential buyer thinks or feels about product the needs, wants, and preconceived ideas of a customer about a product or service. Customer expectation will be influenced by his or her perception of the product or service and can be created by previous experience, advertising, hearsay, awareness of competitors, and brand image. The level of customer service is also a factor, and a customer might expect to encounter efficiency, helpfulness, reliability, confidence in the staff, and a personal interest in his or her patronage. If customer expectations are met, then customer satisfaction results.

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  • The Internal Audit Role—Is There an Expectation Gap in Your Organization?

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    Establishing the internal audit role in any organization requires formality to ensure that it is understood not only by the board and management but also by its customers across the organization and, where necessary, those external to the organization. The internal audit assurance and consulting
    By Jeffrey Ridley

  • Islamic Microfinance: Fulfilling Social and Developmental Expectations

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    world in constructing a human-centered development. In this attempt, IBF was considered as the financing and operational tool of the new paradigm, and consequently it is expected to fulfill the expectations and aspirational paradigm of IME.
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  • Financial Techniques for Building Customer Loyalty

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    Potential problem: The added cost of the preferential treatment or benefits may not be offset by the profitability that is expected to be generated by repeat usage by a loyal customer if competitive suppliers offer comparable preferential treatment and benefits, especially if enrollment in a loyalty
    By Ray Halagera

  • Essentials for Export Success: Understanding How Risks and Relationships Lead to Rewards

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    In many world cultures, the customer expects the eldest representative of the exporter to be involved in negotiations (such elders are known as the “gray-haired gods”), even if this person is not the most astute.
    By Paul Beretz


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