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Definition of

crossborder trade

International Trade

trade between neighboring countries the buying and selling of goods and services between two countries that have a common frontier

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  • How the Settlement Infrastructure Is Surviving the Financial Meltdown

    Best Practice

    The ability to create a single order book for Euronext securities, and a common ESES settlement solution across three important markets (France, Belgium, and the Netherlands), means that all the complexities and difficulties of cross-border trading and settlement vanish. In essence, what has been
    By Yves Poullet

  • Assessing Opportunities for Growth in Developing Countries of Micro, Small, and Medium-Size Enterprises

    Best Practice

    With the growth of regional trade arrangements among developing and transition economies, value chains have the added advantage of geographic proximity of MSME linkages to large companies in neighboring countries, as distance is one of the most stable determinants of successful value-chain relationships. In that sense, buyer–supplier relationships in cross-border value chains are replacing cross-border trade based on market-determined transactions
    By Montague Lord

  • Competition Law: Key Financial Issues


    Global competition law is something of a misnomer—though international bodies such as the World Trade Organization (WTO) can push initiatives aimed at preventing anticompetitive cross-border trade practices, laws set by individual jurisdictions such as the United States and the European Union apply

  • No Quick Fix for the Eurozone


    They already enjoy most of the advantages of being part of the eurozone without the straitjacket of being part of the euro. Of course, if they stay with their own currencies, they do not escape the costs of cross-border trading, which are significant, but they are very much more in control
    By Joseph Trevisani


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