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somebody you owe money for goods or services a person or an entity to whom money is owed as a consequence of the receipt of goods or services in advance of payment

creditor - Related Articles
  • Creditor and Debtor Days


    Creditor days is a measure of the number of days on average that a company requires to pay its creditors, while debtor days is a measure of the number of days on average that it takes a company to receive payment for what it sells. It is also called accounts receivable days.

  • Managing Bankruptcy and Insolvency


    is unable to pay its creditors. Creditors can force bankruptcy by filing a suit in court against the company in debt, but more usually a company will initiate bankruptcy proceedings itself.

  • Insolvency/Bankruptcy Regulations in Major Regions


    Insolvency procedures differ around the world, but all of them allow debtors to find a solution to their indebtedness and protect them from creditors.

  • Capital Structure: Perspectives

    Best Practice

    Capital structure is about dividing up expected economic returns (not accounting returns) and risk, in exchange for providing capital. Those divisions are specific. For example, a pecking order exists amongst the different creditors. The “covenants” of debt arrangements, as well as precedent
    By John C. Groth


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