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Definition of

credit control


monitoring of customers' credit management a system of checks designed to ensure that customers pay on time and do not owe more than their credit limit

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  • Invoicing and Credit Control for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises


    This checklist outlines invoicing and credit control for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

  • Credit Ratings

    Best Practice

    to specialize in a geographical region or industry. The major agencies state that their opinions of the credit quality of securities are based on established, consistently applied, and transparent ratings criteria. Although the agencies use different criteria, definitions, and rating scales, they each state a
    By David Wyss

  • Minimizing Credit Risk

    Best Practice

    In the case of a corporation, the quality of the borrower involves assessing the firm’s business strategies and management policies. More specifically, a credit analyst will study the corporation’s strategic plan, accounting control systems, and financial philosophy regarding the use of debt
    By Frank J. Fabozzi

  • Exporting Against Letters of Credit

    Best Practice

    The purpose of getting a letter of credit confirmed is to shift the risk of nonpayment from the buyer’s bank to another bank. After all, the buyer’s bank is probably in the same country as the buyer, and if a country event takes place that affects the buyer’s ability to get funds out of the country, like a government-imposed payment moratorium or a new system of exchange controls, the buyer’s bank is likely to be caught in the same problem
    By Buddy Baker


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