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Definition of

country risk

International Trade

risk of doing business in particular country the risk associated with undertaking transactions with, or holding assets in, a particular country. Sources of risk might be political, economic, or regulatory instability affecting overseas taxation, repatriation of profits, nationalization, currency stability, etc.

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  • Measuring Country Risk
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  • Islamic Capital Markets: The Role of Sukuk
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    Islamic capital markets are made up of two components, stock markets and bond markets. This contribution is primarily concerned with the latter rather than shariah-compliant stock determination. In particular it is sukuk that have become the accepted Islamic alternative to conventional bills, bonds, and notes, and hence are the major focus here.Conventional capital market instruments such as treasury bills, bonds, and notes are unacceptable from...
  • How to Manage Emerging Market Risks with Third Party Insurance
    by Rod Morris
    There are numerous issues that investors and companies must consider when contemplating an investment in a foreign country. Take for example, cultural differences, the tax regime, foreign currency exchange restrictions, the regulatory and legal environment, the judicial system, and security requirements for both assets and employees. For emerging markets in particular, each of these factors can be further complicated by the potential for...
  • Applying Stress-Testing to Operational Risk Exposure
    This checklist explains why measuring and identifying exposure to risk has become essential and why the use of stress-testing—a prime tool of risk management—has increased dramatically.

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