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Definition of

cost reduction

Operations & Production

cutting costs to increase profits the process of identifying and eliminating unnecessary costs to improve the profitability of a business

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  • Outside Right? Outsourcing and the Future
    by William Kay
    This article was first published in Quantum magazine.The views of investment managers and management consultants about outsourcing, a market that is now worth $100 billion a year, swing wildly between admiration and scepticism, seemingly blowing hot and cold with economic fashion.It can be a convenient way of reducing costs, sometimes by as much as 30%, but critics warn that it can also mean that a business loses touch with vital tasks and...
  • Sustainability Reporting and Assurance—A Market-Driven Transformation
    by Brendan LeBlanc, Barruch Ben-Zekry
    Companies today are looking for ways to measure and report more than just their financial statements. To increase profits and build transparency and accountability with their customers, employees, suppliers, boards, investors, and the public, companies are also looking to measure and report on their environmental, social, and governmental performance.To understand sustainability reporting, we need to look back at its evolution. Sustainability...
  • The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger
    Marc Levinson (2006)
    A compelling account of how container shipping developed from modest beginnings into a huge industry that made the boom in global trade possible. Shows how container shipping transformed global economic geography. Explains how the arrival of the shipping container changed the traditional working practices of the large ports, related industries, and cities, along with its impact on longshoremen, labor unions, and governments.
  • When Form Follows Function: How Core–Satellite Investing Has Sparked an Era of Convergence
    by Christopher Holt
    “It is the pervading law of all things organic and inorganic…that form ever follows function.”Nineteenth century Chicago architect Louis Sullivan famously observed that a building’s design must follow from its functional use. The same might be said about the design of modern portfolios and their management entities (pensions, endowments, asset managers, etc.). After emerging over the past decade as a simple portfolio management rubric,...

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