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Definition of

cost of conformance

Operations & Production

money spent on quality requirements the costs of achieving specific quality standards for a product or service.

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  • The LIFO Conundrum: Convergence of US GAAP with IFRS and Its Implications on US Company Competitiveness

    Best Practice

    There are many potential solutions that could provide companies with more of an incentive to adopt IFRS. If the US Treasury Department were to eliminate the conformity rule, this would allow companies to continue using LIFO for tax-reporting purposes, and use FIFO or weighted average cost for IFRS
    By William C. White IV

  • Amortization


    Amortization is a method of recovering (deducting or writing off) the capital costs of intangible assets over a fixed period of time. Its calculation is virtually identical to the straight-line method of depreciation.

  • The Payment Services Directive: A Crucial Step Toward Payment Harmonization Across the EU

    Best Practice

    The PSD required banks to make considerable and costly changes to their processes and procedures in order to conform to the requirements of the directive. However, it also brought opportunities, particularly for national players to move into pan-European and EEA markets, without having to establish
    By Björn Flismark

  • Moving Away from Traditional Budgeting


    All three approaches, financial modeling, operations research, and decision analysis, conform to the principle that the correct basis for prioritization in budgeting, the one that ensures that the best value is obtained for the available resource, is risk-adjusted benefit divided by cost.
    By Lawrence Phillips


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