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Definition of

contractual liability


legal responsibility stated in contract a legal responsibility for something as set out formally in a written agreement

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  • Bank Asset–Liability Management and Liquidity Risk Management

    Best Practice

    funding “gap,” at lower cost, than a bank trying to meet LCR requirements via long-term wholesale liabilities. Figure 4 shows the difference in gap profiles at a UK commercial bank when the contractual gap profile is compared with the behavioral gap profile for customer loans and deposits. The difference
    By Moorad Choudhry

  • Factoring Problem Loan Assumptions into Asset–Liability Management (ALM) Modeling

    Best Practice

    rate risk described in asset–liability management policies will be expanded to include the maturity and repricing characteristics of loans from the lender’s perspective. ALM managers already evaluate contractual loan payments and prepayments. They should also add modified payments, missed payments
    By Gary Deutsch

  • Managing Liquidity Risk in a Financial Institution: The Dangers of Short-Term Liabilities

    Best Practice

    The assets and liabilities of a firm can be segregated into their short-term and long-term components. Short-term assets include cash, cash equivalents, marketable securities, and marketable inventories—i.e., any asset that can be converted in a short period of time to cash. Long-term assets include
    By David Shimko

  • Correcting the Financial Crisis Failures of Asset-Liability Management (ALM) Risk Management

    Best Practice

    Asset–liability management (ALM) is a term whose meaning has evolved. Its use began in banks and insurance companies and has now extended to most financial institutions and corporations. The term risk management has also evolved. When we use the term “ALM risk management,” we do so in the spirit
    By Jerome L. Kreuser


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