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Definition of

consumer behavior


consumer buying behavior the factors that affect people's decision-making on whether to buy something and what to buy.

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  • Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen


    studied under the economist Joseph Schumpeter, who turned him into an economist. While at Harvard, he contributed to the theory of choice in “The pure theory of consumer’s behavior,” a paper that helped to launch his career. In 1951 he contributed three important chapters to the renowned monograph

  • A Lesson in Austrian School Economics: The Real Cause of the Crash


    Entrepreneurial profits are the key signal that moves entrepreneurs in their investment decisions, and the relatively superior profit behavior of capital goods industries, which help to produce consumer goods that will mature in the long term, tells entrepreneurs all around the productive structure that they must
    By Jesús Huerta de Soto

  • Framing Reputation: Vague Concept or Measurable Business Asset?

    Best Practice

    Scholars and practitioners disagree about many of these concepts, but on one point there is almost universal agreement. Reputation consists of perceptions—whether true or false—held by others about you. Extending this further, it seems reasonable to agree with economists who frame reputation as expectations about a firm’s future behavior or performance based on perceptions of past behavior or performance
    By Rupert Younger, Genoveffa Giambona

  • Understanding Yield/Revenue Management


    Through the study of consumer buyer behavior, YM can generate sales of essentially identical goods or services to different customers at different prices. A straightforward example in the sale of airline tickets would be a low fare offered to a client booking weeks in advance, with this client


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